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Back to earth.

The air smelled familiar when he opened the door. This was England, Earth. The place he had frequented the most out of any place throughout his life, and the humans bustled through it like they always did, ignoring the blue police box that had not been there before. He locked the door of the TARDIS and slipped outside, making note of where he had parked (He always seemed to forget), and let himself begin to wander. It had been very long since he had been here, and with a bit of a jolt, he realized he had not been here before the war. He wondered how Ace was doing these days. Or Jo, that Jo Grant. She was probably off saving rainforests and being generally spectacular. He hoped Tegan had somehow found Nyssa, and the two had begun to travel again. That had been so long ago, and he missed all of them, even the ones he was not immediately thinking about now. He supposed it was all right to travel alone, but he was not sure he liked it. 

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    Meg nodded, taking in what he was saying. “So, we might not be alone?” She asked, letting it sink in. “That’s brilliant!...
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    "I thought I was the last," the Doctor said, still scanning the hybrid. "But I’ve heard rumors. The Master, Romana, the...
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    "I won’t be home until after I graduate from university… Not even for holidays." Madeline shook her head. "I’m fifteen,...